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Nkwa Group

The Original Famous Nkwa Group is one of Africa’s foremost pioneers of traditional spiritual praise and worship. Unique for its ultra-indigenous renditions, spiritually inspired sounds, and best-in-class performance, the group is widely known as a pioneer for the proliferation of indigenous praise in Christendom across Eastern Nigeria.

As a testament to its originality, the group has five studio album releases with songs sampled multiple times by hundreds of gospel artist, and holds a decade-old record for the most sought-after Indigenous Christian music group across Nigeria and beyond.

Temple Band

A quintessential contemporary musical group, the temple band, like the Nkwa group, boasts a rich history of evergreen Christian compositions. The musical group consists of talented instrumentalists and singers skilled in the presentation of enthralling and uplifting songs, widely sought after, within the church and the society.

Choral Group

Living Christ Mission encourages a multiverse of melodious groups and contemporary choir like the Choral group which is the largest gathering of young contemporary singers. Unique in harmony, melody and theatrics, the Choral group creates a blend of neo-classical, traditional and contemporary renditions and refined performances making them a delight to listen.

Temple Choir

A vital part of the church praise and worship liturgy, the Living Christ Mission Temple Choir is a neo-classical Christian choir offering a rich blend of classical orthodox and harmonious traditional compositions. The Choir is widely admired and popular for a broad range of meaningful soul-lifting spiritual symphonies unique to the church and suitable for exhorting a global multicultural audience.

Blue Wearers

Formed through the divine ordination of His Grace, the Most Rev Prof Daddy Hezekiah OON, the Blue Wearers of Living Christ Mission is a consecrated nursery for the grooming of children and teenagers in the fear, holiness, obedience and purity of God. 

For over three decades, the group has remained the most valuable, most important social gathering for children and young adults passionate about holiness, righteousness and service to God within and beyond Living Christ Mission. 

Most evident among its duties include the weekly composition and rendition of ultra-unique acapella compositions amongst others.