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According to the scriptures, many women gave strong and mighty supports to the prophets of old, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the apostles at the early stage of Christianity. Same is currently being replicated in Living Christ Mission as mothers in the church work hard to be like those dedicated women in the Bible, contributing their quota towards the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The church, Living Christ Mission was founded in the year 1983, then, the following year, on 23rd December, 1984, the Temple Mothers’ Wing was formed as an umbrella body to unite the mothers in the church, while constantly reminding themselves the teachings of the Founder, Leader and Archbishop of the church, His Grace, The Most Rev Professor Daddy Hezekiah OON, JP, especially as it concerns holiness, righteousness and salvation.

Since the formation of the Mothers’ Wing of the church in 1984, Mothers’ Day celebration was introduced and it became an annual event of the church. Usually, the event commences on 2nd Sunday in August at the branches of the church, with its climax on 3rd Sunday in August as an International event at the church headquarters.

The leadership of the Wing is chosen according to the will of God. Equally, God has raised a unique and an ideal mother in the church, in the person of HER GRACE AND GREAT EMINENCE, DISTINGUISHED AMBASSADOR MIGHTY PRINCESS SAMUEL DIVINE-GIFT ONYINYEOMACHUKWU MON, who is a role model to the mothers. In her capacity as the Golden Leader of the Temple Mothers’ Wing of the church, she has through her exemplary lifestyle, deep sense of administration and innovation, greatly transformed the Wing to the better. Through her leadership, the mothers in the church are now striving so hard to maintain holy and righteous living, and have truly taken up their responsibilities of being great supporters of the gospel of Jesus Christ and more dedicated to the work of God like most women in the Bible.

To God be the glory, Amen.